About Us

Maytree School of Entrepreneurship focuses on catering the young creative and innovative minds of India. Our aim is to ensure that they get mentored by the best so that they themselves can be the best. To turn this into reality, we have taken up this initiative. Students who want to start their Entrepreneurship career can now join us through our homepage and kickstart their career. The perks of this programme would be they would get mentorship by the successful people and not ones those who haven't done anything significant in their own life. This would also help them shorten their failure or struggle curves and reach their goal faster than ever before. We have listed some of the services we are working on at present:-

Maytree School

A Program for providing the opportunity for young students who want to build something instead of sitting in the classroom.

Maytree Innovate

This program will help an Entrepreneur to hire us for their projects.

Maytree Empower

This program will help new entrepreneurs to get mentors.

Maytree Accelerate

This program helps young entrepreneurs to build their startup in their limited budget.