What is Maytree School of Entrepreneurship

Before coming to the question of what is Maytree school of Entrepreneurship, we should first know that where does the idea of Maytree School Come From. So it's started with a social initiative. A Lot of my friends are worried about their CBSE board's exams. So, they requested me to take time out and mentor/motivate them. So, I started "Call Pai Charcha with Rohit Kashyap" where you can connect with me every evening on Phone Call and discuss your problems. It is just a social initiative to help every kid. I got over 350+calls in 45 days. So, Then I came with idea Maytree School Of Entrepreneurship, A Virtual Entrepreneurship school which gives an opportunity to young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom.

So How Maytree School Will Work

This Program will have 15 Mentorship session, 10 FrameWorks, 3 tasks, and 24/7 WhatsApp support.

During Mentorship session, Rohit Kashyap will connect with you and teach you entire things about entrepreneurship step by step. things such as

  1. how to do market research?
  2. How to make B-Model?
  3. How to Pitch an Investor?
  4. How to make a pitch deck?
and everything that is related to startup. He will also solve your doubts during the session.

FrameWorks will include essential structure through which you can easily run your company. 10 frameworks will include the structure of Market Research, Team Hiring, Organization management, Product Mangement Etc

3 tasks will help us to analyze you step by step and on the basis of it, we will select you for certification and super champion position(The One Guy who will get chance to co-found a startup with me).

During the first term, we will select 50 students from different parts of the country and help them to pursue their dreams. This is the complete virtual school where we will help students over social networks, Calls, Text and video contents to know everything about the startup. 1 super champion who will perform best during the whole term will get a chance to co-found his startup with Rohit Kashyap. All 50 member will get certify by Maytree School and a full year special guidance from Rohit Kashyap.

We invite young people who want to build new things instead of sitting in a classroom to Join Us!